Hips vs. No Hips In The Golf Swing

In this how to hit driver tip, I talk about whether or not to use your hips in your swing. Although this seems obvious there are actually teachers out there telling people to not use their hips to hit the ball. Instead, they want you focusing on using the hands and arms. Sure, the power […]


Stop Skying The Ball Forever

Skying the ball is a very common problem which can not only wreck your driver but causes you to hit very short tee shots which make it difficult to hit the green with your approach shot.  As common as this shot is, few people know how to actually fix it. This tip not only shows […]


Play It Safe On The First Hole

I can’t remember how many times I started off a round with disastrous results. By a few holes in I was ready to quit. In this how to hit driver tip I talk about playing safe on the first hole. Now, you may be a better player and think this tip doesn’t apply to you. […]


How To Hit A Driver

How to hit a driver or 1 wood is all about just that … hitting driver. After all, isn’t that what everyone wants. From beginners to more advanced players the big stick is the one we all want to hit and hit with distance and consistency.

So why do golfers of all abilities have so much trouble hitting this club? There are many reasons from being the club with the longest shafts, it has the lowest loft, we miss the sweet spot, improper swing mechanics, slice, wrong shaft flex, its too whippy, too stiff etc. etc.

The main reason average players do not hit the driver well is that they are hitting it way too hard. Although hitting hard may produce the odd really long tee shot, the great majority end up topped, thin or in trouble instead of down the middle of the fairway.

If you want to play like the pros, you need to swing like the pros. This means you need the right fundamentals to develop a faster swing speed contacting the ball at impact in the center or just above center creating the correct launch and backspin for optimal distance.

That is what How To Hit Driver is all about. We provide tips, instruction, training aids, product reviews and information to allow you develop a faster swing tempo and correct swing to hit the driver better than ever before. Whether you’re a beginner swinging a regular shafted driver or low handicapper swinging and low torque x-shaft we’ll get you hitting it longer and straighter.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be telling you to run out and get the most expensive single club in your bag. Although this may help your drive distance, it is not solely dependent on the driver you’re hitting.

I remember hitting an old persimmon wood many years ago 385 yards. Would I want to use this club nowadays? No, because the new 440cc-460cc heads made from stronger materials such as titanium, metal and carbon fiber composites are so much more forgiving allowing you to miss the center of the clubface and still hit the ball consistently and a long way.

So if you want to learn how to hit the 1-wood check out the information on this site and check back regularly as we will be bringing you regular tips from Paul Wilson and others that will surely help your game.