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Paul Wilson is the founder of IgnitionGolf.com, the creator of Swing Machine Golf and The Body Swing and now, HowToHitDriver.com.

Paul started How To Hit Driver because everyone wants to hit their driver long and straight.  There’s no better feeling plus it makes the game a lot easier when you are closer to the green and in the middle of the fairway.

As time goes by, we will be posting Paul’s driver tips as well as tips from other pros, manufacturers and club technicians and fitters bringing you the latest information to help you hit driver better than ever.

Please sign up to be notified when we post new tips and reviews and check out the site often.   If you like the tips and content, please tell others about it.  There are so many golfers out there who need help hitting driver.  If they can get the help they need as well, it will make the game better for everyone.