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Stop Coming Over The Top

Coming over the top is a huge problem for most golfers.   Unfortunately, this type of swing path causes the club to swing to the left for right handers and to the right for left handers.  Depending on the face relative to the path, this can product pulls, pull hooks, pull slices and if the face […]

Change Clubs Change Alignment

In this tip I am talking about alignment.  To me, alignment this is the most important lesson in golf.  Why?  Simple.   If you are mis-aligned you need a flaw in your swing to hit a good shot.  If you make a good swing you hit a bad shot.  In other words, if you are mis-aligned […]

Stop Skying The Ball Forever

Skying the ball is a very common problem which can not only wreck your driver but causes you to hit very short tee shots which make it difficult to hit the green with your approach shot.  As common as this shot is, few people know how to actually fix it. This tip not only shows […]