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Change Clubs Change Alignment


In this tip I am talking about alignment.  To me, alignment this is the most important lesson in golf.  Why?  Simple.   If you are mis-aligned you need a flaw in your swing to hit a good shot.  If you make a good swing you hit a bad shot.  In other words, if you are mis-aligned you never know when you are hitting it well or hitting it poorly so when do you ever know if you have to fix your swing or not?

If you are squarely aligned and hit a bad shot you then know it was a bad shot so you would fix your swing.  Hopefully, you see it and understand why alignment is so important.  This tip addresses a common mistake most player make.  They have an alignment stick set on the ground as they hit their irons.  Then as they switch to driver they don’t re-set the alignment stick.  Instead they either remove it or they mis-align.

Watch this tip then keep it in mind they next time you practice.  This is vital if you want to hit driver consistently.


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