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Effortless Golf Swing Trackman Results


Recently, I posted a tip where I hit 3 balls over water on a par 4. The whole point was to show that a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing can hit the ball a long way.

Of course, there were doubters out there that thought there was no way I was generating enough clubhead speed to hit the ball that far. Well, I recently got a chance to go on Trackman to prove not onlo my clubhead speed but the carry and total distance.

For may years people have seen me swing and can’t believe my tempo versus how far I hit it. So think about it. If my swing looks effortless and I can hit the ball a long way yet you swing out of your shoes and don’t hit the ball that far maybe there is a different way to swing. I’m here to tell you that there is. This different way is with your body not your arms.

Once you make the switch to a body swing you will not only have this same look to your swing but you will also be able to pay without pain and you will be able to do this long into the future.


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