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How I Got Distance


In this how to hit driver tip, I share the story of how I got distance. Many years ago I had trouble hitting the ball over 220 yards. This is not unlike the majority of golfers that come out for lessons.

To gain more distance, I literally tried everything but to no avail. Then one night I read Ben Hogan’s first book called Power Golf. In it he shared a way to gain more distance. The next day I went out and tried it. Instantly, I had a 50 yard gain to my drives.

I share this story with you because it may help you to gain more distance too. Keep in mind this is just one way to do it. There are others that I teach but since this one worked increadibly well for me (and I still do it to this day) I want you to try it.

Start off slowly though and don’t hurt yourself. As you get feeling it, gradually build up your speed. If you do, you too can see the results I did. Once you do, you too will never want to stop doing it.


  1. Great video tips. Even a very average golfer like myself can benefit because of the clear, simple and basic demonstration from someone who obviously LOVES to teach and who, importantly, has great communication skills.


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