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How To Get Lag


In this tip I not only explain what lag means but how to get it.  This seems to be the missing, mysterious element of most golfers swings.  Pros have lag, most amateurs do not.  So pros must be doing something different than the great majority of golfers otherwise everyone would have it.

I have worked with countless golfers who have been playing golf and have worked on their swings for years yet they have no lag or even negative lag.  You would think after years of working on it their swings they would have it mastered.  No.  This is because the great majority of golfers learned as adults yet the great majority of pros learned as little kids.

This means there is a direct correlation between the age people start playing this game and if they have lag or not.  If this is the case, maybe we should understand what little kids are doing to get it and emulate them.  Well, this is what I have been saying and teaching for years.  This tip explains it all so make sure you pay close attention.  If you do, you will finally get lag in your swing.



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