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Play It Safe On The First Hole


I can’t remember how many times I started off a round with disastrous results. By a few holes in I was ready to quit. In this how to hit driver tip I talk about playing safe on the first hole. Now, you may be a better player and think this tip doesn’t apply to you. Well, if you hit at least 70% of your fairway and are a low single digit player than perhaps it doesn’t but most people aren’t in that category.

So the concept is simple … play it safe on the first hole until you are good enough to know for a fact that the great majority of times when you first tee off you are going to hit the ball either down the fairway of at least half decent not getting into trouble.

I say this because the first hole is so important in your overall round of golf. You have trouble on the first hole or first few holes and you are behind the eight ball making it tought to recover. Instead of trying to be the hero why not just back off it a little. Play the first drive safe to make sure it’s in play. This way you get past the first hole (hopefully with no more than a bogey) and get comfortable with the rest of your round.

If you’re anything like me, you too would have had tons of rounds where you felt like quitting too so into the future lets be a little smarter and just play a little safer as you start off your round. Once you do, you will eliminate high numbers early in the round and be in a better position to play great golf.


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