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Add Separation For More Distance


In this how to hit driver tip, I talk about separation. This is what separates pros from amateurs. I say this becuase pros have it while amateurs do not. This means you really should be working on this and incorporating it into your golf swing if you want to hit the ball like a pro.

So what is separation? This is the ability to separate your lower body from your upper body. In a better player’s swing, they fire the lower body first from the top of the backswing while the arms follow. In doing so this creates a faster release of the club in the downswing.

Most amateur players, start down with the arms. In doing so, the upper and lower body are almost match up as they hit the ball. In other words there is little to no separation.

Take a look at this tip. Understand separation and start working on this drill. If you want it, you need to work on it. Once you get it, you will never want to stop doing it. It will literally allow you to hit the ball longer than ever before.


  1. I know I hit AT the ball instead of THROUGH the ball. I believe it is a mental block. Do you have a tip for people like me, it is so frustrating.

    1. Bruce,

      I don’t have any tips posted on the site yet. This is what I have been teaching for over 25 years. I always start with the follow through first. Basically, what you are doing is making the ball point B to your swing with the top of the backswing as point A. If the ball was point B your club would stop at the ball. We know it goes past the ball. So if it goes past the ball you need to see the ending (follow through) as point B.

      So in your mind you say it to yourself as you swing. You go back thinking point A then think you are going to swing through to point B at the follow through. Hold the follow through so you get used to it. Hold until the ball stops. This will make you aware of it and you will want to swing through to this position. The more you think about it the less you will be thinking of impact.


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