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Stop Coming Over The Top


Coming over the top is a huge problem for most golfers.   Unfortunately, this type of swing path causes the club to swing to the left for right handers and to the right for left handers.  Depending on the face relative to the path, this can product pulls, pull hooks, pull slices and if the face is way open even push slices.

Obviously, hitting these types of shots will make you very inconsistent.  Here is a simple way to help you stop coming over the top and allow the club to attack more from the inside.  Now, this isn’t just a drill you are going to do 3 times and think you’ve got it.  Make this a habit.  Every time you swing whether it by with a ball or just practice swing keep doing it until you have ingrained it.

Once you eliminate this over the top move you will find yourself hitting a lot more fairways and greens and putting yourself in a better position for your approach shots thus lowering your scores.



  1. Hi Paul, thank you for creating this website. I have recently begun working on your very common-sense advice of shutting off the arms and it’s coming along but a difficult habit to break after many years. With that said, when you execute like you describe it is truly effortless. PS- I was at Bears Best in the spring and wanted to say hello but you were busy giving a lesson. Thanks very much for your website!


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